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Welcome! I'm Crunchy Granola, Keeper of the Recipes, and this is my section of Babs' site.
    If you've been here before, you might notice some changes. Babs gave me total creative control, here, so I decided to spice things up. Get it? Chef, spice... oh never mind! The recipes have been moved around and some categories have either been renamed or removed to make finding the aforementioned recipes easier. There are new link icons, too (featuring myself, of course).
    Please browse around. I'm sure you'll find something you can "sink your teeth into". And be sure to come back every once in awhile to see if anything new has been added. In the meantime, TTFN!

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Cluck & Cow: Episode 1
    Salads & Salad Dressings    Soups, Stews & Casseroles    Veggies Unite!    Not Fit For Human Consumption

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